TV Feedback

Image by Josie Reeve

TV Feedback is a London based creative music project which takes influence from the minimalist works of Steve Reich to the Krautrock noise of Neu! and CAN to name a few. It is a project heavily based upon collaboration with other creatives to inspire.

TV Feedback was started by Alex Reeve who has previously gone under the artist name Alexjazzzzz and released his debut EP “720” in 2016 that provided “a superb mixture of sounds, ambience at its best akin to Aphex Twin” (Let it Happen Blog).

Since then Alex has been part of Blue Mess, a London based dream-pop band and played as part of the band backing Johnny F K.

​Though TV Feedback is primarily a sonic, noise experience, it is a project built for freedom of expression and creativity.

‘Marble Madness’ was the first release. This single was a collaboration with James Cook, an American poet who’s work inspired Alex to build music that could accompany spoken word. This was soon followed by a cover of CAN’s chugging motorik tune “Mother Sky” in a collaboration with Arron Green (Blue Mess).

During the 2020 lockdown, Reeve spent a lot of time experimenting which lead to the release of his “Isolation Tapes” EP where all proceeds were donated to Black Lives Matter UK. This contained songs inspired by minimalism and repetition.

Expect collaborations with anyone from poets to visual artists to musicians to just about anyone!

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