The Daily

The Daily is a duo from south East London, made up of Alex Reeve and Felix James. Their goal is to forge a new path in music by condensing the vast musical world of their London upbringing, whilst adding the unique modern edge of The Daily sound.

Working with a mixture of electronic production elements and live instrumentation, The harsh guitars of rock and roll are combined with fizzing dance beats and powerful synthesisers to produce music not quite like anything else you’ve heard.

Their first full length release: Mongrel Music, is currently in production. This mixtape is something of a manifesto for the duo, displaying the full range of their musical and lyrical powers. The tracks will range from industrial electronic soundscapes to guitar ballads, but always with the same wit and humour. The group dissect many of the pains and absurdities of modern life in their music but never lose sight of the real goal; to give people a release from their worries, and to show that life really can be a good party.

Mongrel Music serves as more than a project title, it represents the cultural background of The Daily. Alex and Felix have always worked outside the confines of genre, seamlessly blending the mish-mash of musical influences they were brought up on; with scraps of rock, hip-hop, kraut, electronica and more appearing in their music and often vanishing just as quickly. Alex and Felix are cultural mongrels and this is their strength. While other groups may struggle to diversify their output and find new influences, this is second nature to The Daily. Adaptability is in their blood and you can be sure two releases will ever be the same.

Music lovers watch this space if you know what’s good for you.


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