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For UL2020 – Fragile Boy by Johnny F K (The Most Radicalist)

‘Fragile Boy’ is the concluding track on UL2020, a brand new mixtape from London-based label, Unfocused Love. Johnny F K takes us on an emotive journey through jangly guitar chords, washy textures and a soothing vocal line. With two minutes left, the once serene drum pattern wanders towards a crisp funk pattern, while bright chords and airy vocals continue freely in the background, sometimes allowing chromatic notes to bounce off of each other. – Dan Peeke @ The Most Radicalist

For The Well (Single) – Johnny F K (Diana Listens)

Johnny has no qualms in expressing his love and affection. It’s a darling track that platforms themes of absence and haunting; and general human loss and experience that makes you look at life a little differently.

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